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        Address: Building A10, Area D, Democratic West Industrial Park, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen




        Web address:www.wanhgu.com

      • Several salespersons

        1. Actively develop new customers, maintain old customers, and establish good partnerships with customers.

        2. Communicate and negotiate with customers, develop from customers, proof, and issue factory production orders, track material delivery, production quality, production delivery, and complete shipment.

        3, under 30 years old, male or female.

        4, education high school (including high school) and above.

        5. Sales experience is preferred.

        Business assistant

        1. Enter the customer contract and shipping the delivery note, and do the back-end support for sales.

        2, the system data to do customer statements, and financial docking.

        3. Relevant customer information, sales agreements, contracts and other documents are archived and managed.

        4, skilled use of cfflce and other office software.

        5, only women, under 30 years old, looks good.

        Quality Engineer

        1. College degree or above, (Machinery, Electronics)

        2, gender is not limited.

        3. Independently handle the quality abnormality in the production process of the product, and analyze and deduct the occurrence of the abnormality.

        4. Familiar with the ISO quality management system process.

        5. Work experience with products is preferred.

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